A Step Ahead e-Book Publisher

  NEXTBOOK Inc. is a newly born enterprise specialized in e-publishing.  Its three founding members  anticipated a strong need of e-books, not converted from paper books, for new, sophisticated devices such as the iPad or tablet PCs.  We, at NEXTBOOK, create and provide completely original interactive books that are multilingual and not games.  Therefore, children, parents, and educational institutions around the world can now enjoy a new "step-ahead" experience  in e-books.

For Children


Multilingual and universal themes


But Not a Game

Not a novelty or an addictive mission-based role playing game, but an educational tool

Our Business

1. Publications
Interactive and non-game Picture books, Photo books, Comic books, and educational tools

2. e-Pub SNS Operation
nxtbk.net,  a newly developed community site for writers, editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, and readers.  In preparation for launch in early 2011.

About Our Company


Kenichiro Osada, Chairman CEO


July 1, 2010

Head office

3-5-2-3F Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 

107-0062, Japan【MAP

Tel +81-3-5843-5955
Fax +81-50-3488-2924