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Toycar - The birth of a new toy application !

 "Toycar" app brings you a new experience and recreates the excitements of toy car in your iPhone/iPad.The toy cars in the app will respond to your finger directly with a real sense. If you have two or more devices connected to the LAN, you can also enjoy our feature "Warp."  Easy to edit your own roads, signals and crossings.Let's build your own town and drive the virtual toy cars freely!


*Realistic movement, sound effect and appearance of the toy car.

Drive your car with tilting the deviceDrag slowly and move your car

The car reacts to your flick

Tap and hold the car to make it stop

The car runs along the road by tapping and holding the magnet button. 

You can put lots of self driving cars on the map.



* Warp function

If multiple devices running "Toycar" app are in the same LAN, you can set the warp point on each map.The cars will run through the the warp points!



* Build function

Easy to edit the roadPlace signals, crossings, parking lots, etc

.Change themes of the map (woody / simple white)